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T Path of Healing: Chasing Love w Sex

March 2, 2010  

Hi DrLisa Alchemy
there is a man i truly desire
he is very busy and famous
he left me is phone number
but each time i call he says he is busy
i become like a child when a man does that
and i showed him my weakness by calling back
it was pathetique
i dont know how to control this
then i admited to him that all i wanted was to make love to him
he said tempting
send me naked picks of you and then i will tell you
i personnaly felt it wasnt a good idea
then he seemed to respect me because i didnt
but now no news
and i wonder if i lost my chance
i really want him
but maybe i should just let it go
then again i think
what if i would take beautyfull erotic pics and send him?
if he rejects me how devastating
it might be a healing event to do those pics
and i feel it s degrading also
as im writing this i see how immature i am in my sexuality
how to open up and let the good of this energy manifest
ohlalala what to do
and how to keep my cool with this man
if i ever will have news form him
how to manifest the perfect Shakti evenning with him
or to attract him


Namaste A for sharing your process with me….I would like to post this anonymously on our blog wall to show the process we womyn go through. I invite you to keep sharing your thoughts with me …why do you want to make love to him…what do you seek? you are encouraging him to come from a place of exploitation..not honor and reverence…you are tempted to use your sensual essence and beauty in hopes of connecting with a man …yet it is already clear he does not cherish…you are attempting to work out your worth and power….

I invite you to return you to a place of power

you are love respect ..and you attract love and respect and reverence

love alchemy

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