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Tantra III: The Art of Breath

December 4, 2009  

Breath Alchemy.  This seminar focuses on the 100 secret arts of breath and the power of breath to heal, connect, expand, cultivate stillness, peace, manifest, and activate awakenings.  Read More →

Tantra II: The Art of Touch

December 4, 2009  

Cultivate the 100 secret arts and keys to touching.  This course is learning the arts of touching yourself, your partner(s), and everyone in your life.  Read More →

Tantra I: Tantrassage

December 4, 2009  

The Art of Tantric Massage: Rediscover the secrets to healing, unlocking and awakening. Integrate sensual, sexual, spiritual, and mental energies with your partner using a fusion of energy touch, massage and meditative techniques.  Read More →