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Dr. Lisa Resume

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Lisa Apramian, Ph.D.





Dr. Lisa Rose Apramian, Ph.D.


University of Southern California (4 degrees):

*Ph.D.,  Counseling Psychology, Department of Education, 1991

Existential Humanistic & Depth Psychology & Qualitative Research:

Dissertation: Qualitative Reconstruction of the Meanings and Self-Object Functions of Rock Music for Adolescents: Eight Case Studies (1991)

*M.S., Counseling Psychology, Dept of Education, 1986

*B.A., Psychology, 1983

*B.S., Critical Gender Studies and Sexuality, SWMS Dept, 1983

Psychology License- 1993-2004

Supervisors: Robert Stolorow, Ph.D., Monahar Shinde, Ph.D, Debra Greenberg, Ph.D., Daniel Asimus, M.D.

Continuing Education:

*Natural Healing Institute (NHI, 2000-2006)

*UCSD Expressive Arts (1999-2001)

*Expressive Arts Institute (EAI) (2000-2001)

*Street Bishops International: Ordained Minister, 2003

*Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

*Raw Food Preparation

*Healing Touch Therapy

*Canine Training

*Qi Gong


*Women’s Sex Researcher, Educator, Facilitator, Speaker

New York City, San Diego, Florida, Washington D.C., South America, West Africa (2001-current). Working as an enlightened sexuality advocate to women seeking sexual healing (vaginismus, dysparenia, sex addiction, sexual abuse, fertility, and menopause), Teaching intimacy rituals for couples, integrating sex with meditation, consciousness, touch, breath, spirituality, and energy medicine (Taoist Tantra, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra and Kundalini/Chakra Tantra); with both heterosexual and LGBT population. Focus on gender issues, designing holistic enlightened sexuality education for parents and their teens and children. Directing multi-media events, DVD’s, fundraisers. Addressing global sex abuse issues for young girls (FGM in West Africa), and sex trafficking (Indonesia). Produced the Yoniverse Summit to support the evolution of human sexuality. See Yoniverse.com. See also http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/enlightenedpilotsurvey. Speaking and presenting research and findings AASECT 2009-2011.

*SpiralArtsInstitute.com Founder, Director, Educator

San Diego, 2002 to Present. Facilitating workshops, research and education using the arts of medicine, meditation, dance, music and sound healing, theatre and media, enlightened sexuality, shamanism, spirituality, conscious eating/nutrition, conscious communication, ego psychologies, conservation and global communities. Offering workshops, annual events, hosting international educators and healers such as the Gaden Shartse Buddhist Monastery University.

*Psychologist, Spiritual Midwife/Minister & Legal Advocate: California State Prison-Sacramento (New Folsom) and San Diego (RJDonovan), December 2002-March 2008 Worked in the Psychiatric Services Unit (PSU: the prison within the prisons) with inmates who cannot control their violent impulses or with severe mental challenges. Individual and group sessions. Behavioral management, case management with treatment team (including wardens, ISU, correctional officers, nurse, psychiatrist,), crisis and suicide intervention and hospitalization for chronic psychotic disorders, dementia due to head trauma and addiction, and severe personality disorders. Created: “Satsung in the hole” at RJ Donavan. Mirroring a program at San Quentin, incorporating teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and Gangagi, and with guidance from ex-convict, John Sherman, who became realized while serving time in Federal Prison. Cultivated spiritual awakening, meditation and qi gong with gang members. Continued to work with convicts and parolees as a legal and political advocate and offered a half-way house to parolees to support re-integration into society. Addressing issues such as job advocacy, gang awareness, addiction, PTSD and Prison Incarceration/SHU syndrome.

*Psychologist: Private Practice In Los Angeles (Silverlake/Glendale) and San Diego, August 1993-2004. Contemporary psychoanalysis with adults, teens and children. Supervised interns. Worked with clients struggling with domestic abuse, intimacy issues, personality disorders, sexual disorders, all addictions, psychosis, anxiety, phobias, compulsions and depression.

*Performing Artist 1999 to 2011: Worked with variety of teachers including Odissi: Guru Yudhisthir Nayak, Butoh: Charlene Penner & Diego Pinon, Flamenco: Adrianna de Cillo, belly dance: Elle, Heather Stance, Urban Tribal Dance Co, guru Rakizitina and the BonaDea collection. Performing healing and awakening dance, meditation, and healing ceremonies at clubs & events including: Montage, The Mayan, Bliss, Fetish, Stimulus II, Club Utopia ( Las Vegas) and the El Rey Theatre. Performing in private groups and select intentional communities. Played with Technomania Circus, Circanalia & Kyrad’s LA Underground Circus, Moontribe and Mystic Family Circus. Choreographed rituals and also worked with various talent including dance choreographer Brian Frette. Formed Tantra Theatre and Dance Co at Burning Man (1999-current). Performed healing shamanic and pranic rituals with Anahata, VisnuPria, Stardust, BlueGirl, Adrienne, Fantuzzi, Karl Fyre God, MJ and Hamsa Lila, Vickie Morgan, Elissa Kisselburg and countless others at Sacred Sanctuary (SD, NYC) (2006), the Love Temple (2001-2002), Francoise’s (2002), Dr. Michael Samko’s Ph.D. parties (2000-2005), Divine Ranch (2003-2004), Shangri-La (2001-2), the Sedona Temple (2004), Earthdance (2004-5), San Diego’s annual 11/11 celebrations (2001-2003), Burning Man (1999-2004) and clubs from LA to Miami Beach (1999-2008). See ShamanicTheatre.com

*H.E.L.P Psychologist– San Diego 2003-2004. Psychologist and Minister for home care elders. Provided bereavement and preparation for passage and ascension.

*Intuition Nutrition-Psychologist San Diego, January 2000-August 2003. Worked in a retreat setting with clients wishing to cleanse and detoxify. Working with treatments team of nutritionists and medical doctors. Examining feeding rituals, food addictions, and lifestyles affecting health. Raw food preparation classes and teaching the art of conscious eating.

*Spitshine Productions: Research Psychologist, Film Writer, Producer, Director, Speaker– Los Angeles, (1991-current) on feature film, “Not Bad for a Girl: An Analytic Approach to the Functions of Music and Gender Deconstruction” * Nominated Best Director, Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1995 * Best Documentary Film, New York Underground Film Festival, 1996 * Toured the international festival circuit, museums, TV and radio media circuits, independent theatres, universities and psychological conferences discussing the subjects of creativity, sexuality, and gender in Q & A and lecture formats. See NotBadforaGirlMovie.com. Volunteer at Rock N Roll High Schools for Girls. Donate the film to young girls who need empowerment. Redigitized the film, DVD sold online internationally.

*Advanced Behavioral Medical Group-Psychologist Inpatient & Outpatient, Glendale 1986-1997. Worked with clients struggling with: chronic psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), multiple personality, borderline and narcissistic personality disorder, anxiety and panic disorder, phobic, PTSD, eating disorders and all addictions. Worked 80% outpatient/20%inpatient along with psychiatrists, social workers, and nurses. Presented case conferences and presented at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Glendale Adventist Hospital.

*Life Fitness Center-Psychologist Inpatient & Outpatient Glendale, 1986-1997

Psychotherapy treating adults, adolescents, couples, elders, children, and teens. Worked with treatment team. Case management presentations, public speaking at hospitals, schools, and parental groups. Specialty sexual issues and disorders (premature ejaculation, vaginismus, dyspareunia, sex addiction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, fertility, pregnancy, as well as eating disorders, drug, alcohol, psychotic, anxiety, mood, and personality disorders. Supervision.

*Edgemont, Charter Oak, and Glendale Memorial Hospitals-Psychologist

Los Angeles County, 1992-1996. Worked with psychotic and Aids population offering individual and group therapy. Worked with treatment team (RN’s, MD’s, LCSW’s)

*Mountain View Lodge Hospital-Director of Teen Program Glendale, 1989-1990

Subcontracted through Advanced Behavioral Medical Group to develop, implement, and co-direct an impatient drug treatment program for adolescents. Ran educational and therapy groups for both adolescent and parent groups. Worked with treatment team.


Canine Consultant and Educator (1999-present):

Animal behaviorism, clicker training, operant and classical conditioning, rehabilitative retraining for fear and dominance aggression, walking with and without a leash, separation anxiety, pet therapy skills, service dogs skills, canine good citizenship skills, agility training, retrieval, overcoming fears and surfing with dogs

*Writing and Presenting “Dog Bite Prevention” Class during National Dog Bite Prevention Week: 1999-2004 at:

Carmel Creek Elementary School (kindergarten-3rd grade) 8 classrooms per year

Ashley Falls Elementary School (kindergarten-3 grade) 10 classrooms per year

Solana Highlands Child Development Center (1-4th grade)

Carmel Creek Child Development Center

UCSD ICNS School (preschoolers)

*Offering ”Responsible Dog Ownership” Classes for adults/parents at:

Balboa Park, National Pit Bull Awareness Day, Oct, 2011

Carmel Valley Library-2000-2003

Carmel Creek PTA-1999-2001

Miramesa Street Fair-2001

*Dog Park Advocacy, 1999-2003. Dr. Lisa,  Bev Ross and LIsa Seller, was instrumental in getting the Torrey Highlands Dog Park approved in Carmel Valley over a period of 4 years. Campaigned, spoke and researched and worked with the city planning committees, Carmel Valley parks and recreation committee, and the local residents; some extremely hostile, resistant, and fear-based. See Odabear.com. Worked with supportive vets, animal behaviorists and trainers, dog park experts, the media:

the United States Humane Society

Patrick Melese, MA, D.V.M. certified animal behaviorist

Rick Johnson, Marin County Humane Society

Dr. Don Fetco, Ph.D. (Dr. Dog) nationally syndicated radio host

Dallas Animal Care Center

Helen Woodward Animal Center

Dr. Keith Richter D.V.M. of Veterinary Specialty Hospital

*Rescued, Trained and Rehabilitated Dogs as companions, service and therapy dogs (1999-present). see Odabear.com and PitTherapy.com


*Advanced Behavioral Medical Group Glendale, 1986-1993 (pre and post doc) Provided therapy and received individual and group supervision for pre-doctoral and post-doctoral hours.

*Sierra Club, Zero Population Committee: Teen Sexuality (W. LA: 1988-89) Headed and ran the teen sex education program: teen pregnancy and sex education and shared ideas with think tank for conservation agendas.

*South Bay Human Services Torrance, 1986 Provided therapy to both voluntary and court ordered patient with drug addictions and ran weekly drug education groups.

*Do it Now Foundation Hollywood, 1985 Same as above.

*Options House Hollywood, 1984 Provided individual, group, and family intervention for adolescent runaways coming from physically and or sexually abusive homes. Worked with social workers and Child Protective Services.

*Masters and Doctoral Level Internships: U.S.C. Los Angeles, 1984-1986 Provided counseling for students and worked closely with the Student Services Department and Education Department.

*Office of Admissions-School Relations Counselor-U.S.C. Los Angeles, 1984-1986 Vocational counseling for individual and groups to prospective students and/or their parents. Coordinated students with other campus offices including residential living and advisement, academic and athletic departments, assisted with recruitment and assigning mentors, family counseling. Learned intricate knowledge about various schools and services within the community addressing diverse student needs and concerns.

*Linden Center, Five Acres, Hathaway Home for Children Los Angeles, 1983-1984 Childcare worker responsible for 9 children/adolescents on a live-in basis, constructed and implemented behavior modification programs, worked with team of teachers, social workers, and psychiatrists. Counseled, tutored, coordinated, and carried out all aspects of daily living.

*Southwestern Academy Pasadena, 1982 Live-in tutor and counselor for private residence. Taught all subjects to an adolescent two years behind in courses and diagnosed with developmental disorders. Major depression, a catastrophic psychosocial stress, and selectively mute. Worked in conjunction with principal and teachers, assisting student to ultimate goal of obtaining high school diploma.


*Enlightened Sexuality Series San Diego and New York City, 2000-present

*Pranic Improvisation: Healing and Awakening Energy Meditation compilations (Apramian, L. 1999-present)

*The Alchemy of Enlightened Sexuality (Apramian, L., book in progress) women coming into their power physically, spiritually, mentally and facilitating healing/balance with each other, men, and children/teens

*Goddess Wave (Apramian, L., 2003-present) series of moving energy meditations, spiritual mudras and mantras in nature

*Snake Medicine, Snake Qi Yoga Series (Apramian, L., 1999- present) energy field medicine for healing and awakening consciousness, qi field therapy, shamanism

*Moon Blossom: Teen Girls, Enlightened Sex Education Rites of Passage (Apramian, L., 2003-present)

*Sunflower Teen: Boys, Enlightened Sex Education, Rites of Passage (Apramian, L., 2006-present) Apramian, L. (1990-1997). Writer, producer, director. “Not Bad for a Girl” Apramian, L. (1992). Director, producer. Stories about Breast Cancer. Apramian, L. (DVD in progress) Writer, producer, director, Alchemy of Enlightened Sexuality.


Apramian, L, Liberation from Prisons, In progress.

Apramian, L, Snake Qi Yoga & Meditation; Snake Culture in Ancient Mediterranean Civilization, in progress.

Apramian, L, Snake Medicine; Shamanic Healing and the Serpent Archetypes, in progress.

Apramian, L. (article in progress). Use of Medical Cannabis for Vaginismus, Dyspareunia, and Menopause to treat lack of libido, lubrication, and pain: 7 case studies.

Apramian, L. (In progress). Not Bad for a Girl; Creativity, Sexuality, and Gender Fluidity

Apramian, L (2010 Conference, AASECT).Correlations between HSV-II and Kundalini: 3 Preliminary Case Studies.

Apramian, L. (1995). Multiple Abortions and the Repetition of Archaic Longings, Sexual Enactments, and Shame: A Case Study.

Apramian, L. (2006). Moving Meditations: A Return to the Sacred Feminine. Litteratura Serpentium, Volume 26-1.


*Yoniverse Summit (March 19-21, 2010): a global project bringing in panelists to discuss and share about the evolution and balance of divine feminine/masculine integration, embodied empowered women and healing workshops, auction, artists, musicians, new films, and fundraisers for teen education in US and working with our international allies in West Africa to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM)

*Dr Lisa and Snake Medicine, National Geographic with Henry Rollins 2010.

*Dr Lisa and her snakes on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, following the debut of Snakes on a Plane, 2006.

* Snake Qi Yoga: FOR Meditation: East Meets West, a documentary film directed by Alan Sawyer, 2006

*Apramian, L. (1993-2003). International interviews on television, and radio, and in cyberspace, books, magazines, and newsprint on the subject of women’s issues, gender, madness, and creativity.

*Dog Bite Prevention Week: San Diego Channel 9 news featuring Dr Lisa and Odabear the friendly pit-bull with kindergartners through third graders, Coverage in the Union Tribune, Carmel Valley News 2001-2002

* Dr. Lisa Featured in “Herbal Confusion”; news segment created by Internetwork News about healing with herbs and lifestyle changes, 2001.

*Breast Cancer Awareness Week: Produced and Co-Directed with Sheila Moorland, 1997.

*Stories About Breast Cancer, (1996) producing an auction at the Playboy Club in Hollywood, CA and an outdoor installation making and planting 1300 breast casts as tombstones into the grass at Griffith Park to represent deaths due to breast cancer 1996.


*Apramian, L. *AASECT: 2011 Conference: Alchemy of Enlightened Sexuality

*AASECT: 2010 Conference: Tantra Meditation May 2010

*AASECT 2010 Conference: Enlightened Sexuality with teens in the US and West Africa, May 2010

*San Diego State University, Psychology Dept, Dr. Soh-Leong Lim, MultiCultural Therapy, Spirituality and Sexuality, April 2010

*AASECT: Conference: Tantra Meditation , May, 2009

*AASECT: conference: White Tantra for Teens May, 2009 1993-1997.

“Not Bad for a Girl” screenings see programs and some reviews followed by discussion on the affects of gender on development and identification with being a woman, rape, domestic violence, gender performance and fluidity and the idiosyncratic use of musical styles, sounds, and performance to express shame, conflict resolution, defensive, expansive and celebrative behaviors:

*University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan, 2001

*Museum of Art, Long Beach and Honolulu 1999.

*Harvard University, Women’s Studies, Nov 1997.

*University of Southern California:

Women’s Studies Dept, Communications Dept, Spring 1996

Women in Film, Film Dept. Spring1996.

*21st Annual Feminist Psychology Conference, winter 1996.

*Boston University, Women’s Studies, fall 1995.

*Portland Art Museum, Rock Documentaries, winter 1996.

*University of Washington, Women’s Studies, Seattle, 1997.

*Washington State University, American Studies, spring 1996.

*Bowling Green State University, Women’s Studies, Feb 1996.

*Madison University, Women’s Studies, spring 1996.

*Minnesota University, Women in Film, fall 1995.

*Hallwalls Museum, Women in Film, Buffalo, NY, 1993.

*Art houses and film festivals worldwide Go to wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_Bad_for_a_Girl

*Apramian, L. (February, 1997). Multiple Abortions and the Repetition of Archaic Longings, Sexual Enactments, and Shame; A Case Study. Presentation at the Women’s Issues in Clinical Practice workshop at the Calif. School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles, CA.

*Apramian, L. (Winter, 1996). Invitation to screen Not Bad for a Girl, followed by a presentation and discussion about gender fluidity sexuality, madness and creativity. The 21ST Annual Feminist Psychology Conference, by the Association for Women in Psychology, Oregon.

*Apramian, L. (Spring, 1994). The Meanings and Selfobject Functions of Rock Music; A Theoretical Perspective adding gender as a self-object function and a Case Study. Paper presented at the Self Psychology peer supervision group facilitated by Robert Stolorow, Ph.D., Brentwood, CA.

*Apramian, L. (Summer, 1991). Invitation to give a workshop on The Role Gender Stereotypes and Gender Play in Personality Development. Workshop covered needs, longings, impediments, parental and sibling influences, defensive foreclosure, resources, support systems, created ways to get past shame and inhibition to aspire and become.

*Annual Riot Grrrl Convention, Washington, D.C., and subsequent local Riot Grrrl chapter meetings statewide (1991-1997).


*Best Documentary Film, Not Bad for a Girl, NY

*Nominated Best New Director, Not Bad for a film, GA

*Dog Bite Prevention Program, United States Humane Society

*Canine Good Citizenships

*Pit Bull of the Year


International Documentary Association (IDA), American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), Association of Holistic Health, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Association of Sexual Energy Professionals, Sierra Club, San Diego Herpetology Society, Love on a Leash


San Marino High School: Varsity Track Team (1978-1979)

Equestrian Hunter: Eaton Canyon Riding Club (1971-1979) including 5 years work with green Thoroughbred gelding to equestrian shows and ribbons

PADI Certified-Recreational/Advanced (1989/1990)



Joanne Axton, Ph.D. RN

RJ Ward, Screenwriter

Barbara Laier, Ph.D.

Lori Petri-Grebb, Ph.D

Douglas Goodman

James Freitas