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Source Energy

by Dr. Lisa

~A topic that you and I could debate until the end of time~

Let me clarify my intentions…

I began studying energy in 1999 and over the next ten years was exposed to a variety of methods and interpretations of energy. As my own methods and practices evolved, I chose to use the term Source Energy to refer to the energy that comes from the Source and to use it to express enlightenment. This includes Enlightened Sexuality. You may read about Tantra Then and Now.

The word Enlightenment pertains to cultivating awakenings previously dormant. It is the evolution and illumination of spiritual knowledge used with compassion, truthfulness, humility, and forgiveness. When I say “Source Energy or Enlightened sexuality” I refer to meaningful intimate experiences all focused on energy; new ways to understand arousal and attraction and new ways to channel energy. I mean transforming how we feel about our bodies,  all our senses, how we react as we become aroused, and how we respond to or ignore or neglect and can rediscover sensual expressions directed towards ourselves, others and the universe. How we teach our children and how we use the immense power of source energy locally and globally for health, vitality, greater intimacy and connection, creativity, healing ourselves and others, and connection to Spirit.

Source Energy, the source, reflects enlightened sexuality and it speaks to beings from all faiths religions and beliefs.

Let us  move away from ignorance, hate, greed, suffering, and solely carnal expressions. We can consciously weave source energy with unconditional love, creativity, our capacity as healers and our connection to Spirit.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day” Thomas Jefferson